About E-studies

What is FN-Serviss E-studies on-line system?

  • Easy and convenient way to acquire the required knowledge and skill in fire-safety and labour protection
  • Instruction available online 24 hours a day – you can study in the office, at home or on the way
  • To use FN-SERVISS E-studies on-line system you need a computer with internet connection.

You can watch the video about the use of E-studies On-line system here: https://youtu.be/3HrL65GXcoY

Why choose FN Serviss E-Learning?

Studies 24 hours a day

Possibility to study and take the fire-safety and labour protection instruction through distance learning when it’s convenient for you

Study materials correspond to the legislation

Study material that is always current and corresponds to the requirements of normative acts and that is made by uniting the best fire-safety and labour protection expert teams in Latvia

Individual approach to clients

Individual approach to each client:

- possibility to add the specific information of the object characterizing the fire-safety for the needs of each company/organization;

- the study material of each employee refers to the work environment risk characterizing his/her position/group of profession. 


FN-SERVISS E-studies on-line system ensures that reminders are sent about the necessity to take the studies, about delay of deadlines, about a successfully passed test and about other events

Support to system users

FN-SERVISS customer service specialists support to system users

Support from supervisory authorities

The solution is supported by State Fire and Rescue Service and State Labour Inspectorate