To promote security in businesses, homes and society.

FN-SERVISS is a professional partner that is one step ahead in identifying people’s needs, offering convenient and up-to-date [viable] fire and labour safety solutions.

FN-SERVISS believes that day-to-day security is a feature of a prosperous [and, consequently, responsible, modern] society.


- To be available

- To be accurate

- To be professional

FN-SERVISS means quality and safety against fires, labour and environmental protection services.

Take care of your safety right now, don’t put it off, because none of us is immune to accidents and we can never know when an accident may happen. That is why we call for careful consideration of the safety issues, both in the work environment and at home and elsewhere.

Inspection and assessment of the facility is valuable and necessary - it will help you better prepare for a possible fire accident. FN-SERVISS also offers the best security services, installation, maintenance and repair of the fire extinguishers and other necessary equipment. Other types of services and courses to improve the work environment are also available. FN-SERVISS is a certified service provider for your safety in every life situation.