Promote the fire-safety in companies, homes and in the society – make the environment where we live and work safer!

FN Serviss is a professional partner who is one step ahead in clarification of people’s needs by offering convenient and contemporary [efficient] fire-safety and labour safety solutions.

FN Serviss is convinced that daily care about the safety is a feature of welfare [so responsible, contemporary] society. 



FN-SERVISS – this is quality and security towards fire, labour and environment protection services

Take care of your safety now, don’t put it for later because no one is protected from accidents and we can never know when an accident can happen. So we ask – think carefully about the security issues both in the work environment, at home and in other places.

Inspection and assessment of object is valuable and required – this will help you to prepare better for a potential fire. FN-SERVISS offers also the best protection services, performs the installation, service and repairs of the fire extinguishers and other required equipment. We offer also other services of different kinds, courses to improve the work environment.  FN-SERVISS – this is a certified service provider for your safety in all life situations.