How to use the system

How to use the system?

You have to authenticate in the system to use the functionality available in the system.

You can do this by following the instructions you will receive in the registration email.

You will only receive a registration e-mail if the company you represent is connected to the on-line e-learning service.

How to log in as a client administrator?

To connect to the system as a client administrator, it is necessary to open the system: mans.fnserviss.lv

When the system opens, under the "Username" and "Password" sections, select the option "Authenticate as administration"



What if I can't remember my password?

In the situation when You have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot Password" button when you open the system log in window.

Then system will ask You to enter your email - here it is very important to enter exactly the same email with which you are registered to the system.

After that, in the next few minutes, you will receive an updated password in your email, which can then be changed to a password that you can log in to the system and remember.


Kā es varu rediģēt savu darbinieku datus?

Are the materials current?

How often the materials are updated?

The materials are updated if there are changes in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia, as well as - if it is necessary to include other information that is important to know in the specific period of time, such as - instructions on actions related to the emergency due to COVID-19.

Test questions and answers

Are the correct answers shown if a mistake is admitted in any of the questions?

If you answer incorrectly to a question during the test, you shall see the following information:

  • how many questions are answered incorrectly;
  • all questions are shown which are answered incorrectly, the incorrect answer is shown and the correct answer to the specific questions is shown.

A briefing log signed with a secure electronic signature

How to make sure that an electronically signed journal is signed with a secure electronic signature if it is represented by a question mark?

If an electronically signed journal is displayed with a question mark, it does not mean that the journal is not signed with a secure electronic signature.

You can make sure that the journal is signed with a secure electronic signature on www.eparaksts.lv, in the section “CHECK or SIGN”.

What if there is a question mark instead of a signature?

If a question mark appears instead of an electronically signed signature, you need to make sure that Adobe Reader is configured correctly.

Actions to be taken:

- Open an electronically signed journal in Adobe Reader.

- select the "Edit" section;

- Select the "Preferences" section;

- Select the "Signature" section in the menu on the left and click "More" button in the "Verification" section;

- In the "Windows Integration" section both menus must be checked, i.e., both "Validating Signatures" and "Validating Certified Documents".

Which means of electronic identification can be used to sign a log?

An employee can sign a briefing log using the following means of electronic identification: • eID card • Smart ID • eParaksts mobile

Why did I fail to sign the briefing log using Smart-ID?

Signing a briefing log with Smart-ID requires a qualified Smart-ID account. This video (beginning from 2:20 min.) shows the sequence of actions required in order to have a qualified Smart-ID account set up - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id2fDRkK6fs&t=140s

How do I know when to sign a briefing log?

Whenever you need to sign a briefing log, you will be notified by e-mail. In order to sign a briefing log, you will have to log in to the FN-Serviss online system.

Why do I get no notification and no verification code to my phone when trying to sign with Smart-ID, even though the system begins the countdown?

Such situations usually occur because the newly created Smart-ID account or an account set up when changing one's phone is of the Basic level, whereas the older qualified Smart-ID account has not yet been removed. Therefore, the system displays no error message, as it awaits a response from the qualified account, which is not active on the phone any more.
A Basic Smart-ID account can only be used for online bank transactions. In order to use "Dokobit" and the electronic signature, you need a qualified Smart-ID electronic signature account.
You can check the level of your account by opening the Smart-ID application by pressing the menu button in the top left corner and selecting "User Info", where you will see the "Account level".
If the level is displayed as Basic, you can upgrade your Smart-ID account to the next level using a number of ways:

  • Biometric identification– the simplest way to do this, remotely and within a few minutes. The upgrade is initiated by selecting the "Obtain a qualified account" option. We suggest you see this video manual (starting from 2:20 minutes).
  • Using an ID card;
  • Visiting a branch of Swedbank, SEB or Luminor bank.

If your account level is above Basic, please let us know which level is displayed in the Smart-ID app menu, and we will address the situation more closely.

Kā notiek žurnāla parakstīšana (informācija soli pa solim)

Ko darīt, ja paraksta vietā ir jautājuma zīme?

Didn't receive the email with MansFN access credentials

What if several of my employees have not received notifications with access links, sent by the system?

This situation has to be taken into account both due to the spam filters installed in the e-mails and due to the purely human factor - the e-mail has not been noticed, deleted, etc.

It is worth checking not only the main e-mail inbox, but also Spam, Subscribed E-mail, Ads, Junk etc.

If it is not there, then as an administrator you can open the list of employees, find the specific employee and manually change the password for him. You can pass the new access to the employee, and if you save the changes, they will be able to log in with the access you granted.


What if I have not received my new password in email after requesting it in system?

If you have not received the new password in your e-mail, first of all, please check the e-mail a moment later (there are situations when sending of the password may be delayed).

Secondly, check if it has not entered the spam, subscribed, ads etc. mailbox. If you really have not received it, write an e-mail to info@fnserviss.lv, indicating the company, your name and surname and describing the problem.


How to become an online learning system customer?

The online learning system enables any company to provide its employees with electronic instruction in fire safety and labor protection.

If it sounds tempting enough for Your company, then You are welcome to sign up here:


Training materials

Is it possible to re-watch videos after passing the test?

It is not possible to watch the videos again after the test is passed However, in the "Instructions" section, you can find instructions prepared specifically for the company you represent, and by reading them, you can get similar information as in the videos.

User primary registration

How to register in e-learning on-line system?

To register in e-learning on-line system, you must open the registration e-mail sent by the system. Depending on the email you use, you can search for it in your main inbox, spam, subscribed messages, etc.

In the e-mail you will see the following info (underlined in the picture):

  • Username (which you will need to remember when logging in to the system);
  • A link to set a password (if the link isn't active, you can copy it to your web browser's address bar and then open it);
  • Tutorial on how to operate the system.


reģ e-pasts

Depending on the email you're using, clicking the password reset link might take the following steps: the shortest way - when you have to enter your password twice and press "Change password":

Parole 2x


Longest way - when you need to enter your username at first:

paroles atjaunošana eng


After entering your username, you will receive an email with a link to set your password:

saite paroles iestatiīšanai


Clicking on this link will open the following window where you have to enter your password twice.

Parole 2x

After entering the password, you must click "Change password" and then you will have finished registering in the MansFN e-learning system.

After completing the registration, please check in your profile if there is a mark at "Subscribe to email notifications" - this is important, otherwise you will not receive reminders from the system that you need to complete the training:

notifikācijas ķeksis eng








Safe password

What do the different colored lines (or indicators) mean when setting a password? How do I know if my password is secure?

A secure password consists of at least eight characters, including uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

If the password you have chosen is not secure (it is too short, it does not consist of the required characters), the system does not allow it to be set and a red line or indicator is displayed.

If the line or indicator is green but not full length, the system allows you to change the password, but does not consider it completely secure.

If the line or indicator is green and full length, the password is completely secure.